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Jenna believes in the healing and balancing power behind a healthy lifestyle. It’s why she is so passionate about sharing it with all of you. Jenna received a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science from The University of Toledo. She continued her studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she received her Board Certification as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Jenna begins each day as the breaking news anchor for WTOL Channel 11 in Toledo, enjoys hosting health and wellness workshops for companies, and teaching classes at Pure Barre in Northwest Ohiio.


Jenna's mission is to help businesses and its employees explore the world of health without any added stress. She understands how overwhelming it can be to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With busy schedules and lengthy to-do lists, figuring out what’s best for you is the last thing you have time to do. Jenna believes each body is unique and should be treated that way. In other words, there’s no one way of eating or working out that fits everyone. Together, we hope to make your business and company a better place, through healthy and happy employees. 


Our goal is to help your employees incorporate a healthy lifestyle. We believe healthier employees can lead to more productive employees, and overall success. She focuses on the bioindividuality theory. In other words, what works well for one person, doesn't necessarily work well for another. Our program shows you how to incorporate healthy habits rather than focusing on one particular diet. You will find many different options to help you reach your goals, stay within your budget, all while living a fulfilled life. Founder, Jenna Lento uses a holistic approach through healthy recipes, fitness plans, positive self-image and natural living to help you achieve health and happiness.


When Jenna isn't busy balancing her "career plate", she enjoys spending time with her husband Evan, family and friends. Jenna has spent a lot of time traveling from city to city (and even different countries) as she enjoys life as the wife of a hockey player. In her off time she likes to travel, spend time outdoors, cook, head to the local farmer’s market and be with those she loves. Jenna gives all glory to God for the opportunity to spread the good news of health.

Skinny Berry Ice Cream
I’ve always had a sweet tooth and this recipe helps tame it. What I love about our recipes is that they prove healthy food can be just as delicious as the less than healthy choices. Our skinny berry ice cream gives you the satisfaction of ice cream, while offering your body a healthy dose of fruit, and even better nutrients. It’s my “go to” snack for those nights that I want something sweet and delicious.

Layered Meditteranean Dip
This is one of my favorite recipes because it can be used in many ways. Bring it to your next get together for an award winning appetizer, enjoy it as a healthy snack, or pair it with a piece of wild caught salmon. Each layer offers a punch of flavor and a boost of healthy fats and vegetables. Be careful, you won’t be able to stop thinking about this dish once you make it!

Green Detox Smoothie
I love smoothies because it’s an easy and delicious way to get your “five”. We like to aim at gettingat least "five" fruits and vegetables each day for a healthy goal. Smoothies are perfect for any busy day, and they even help us use up that end of the week produce we don’t want to go bad. Personally, I enjoy turning to our green detox smoothie after a cheat meal to get back on track. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, and it helps to give you what you need to stay energized throughout the day.
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